Lockdown composite photos £25

I am not able to offer photoshoots at present due to the virus but I do offer composite photos which are a great alternative. Simply send me your photo which must be in focus (phone photos are usually fine) and I will get back to you with a proof.

Choose from newborn, pet or fantasy! These images are £25 each for the digital file which enables you to share on social media and use for prints, canvas etc.

Please send your email to magicmemories@sky.com to arrange.

Fantasy: choose from dragon, unicorn or dinosaur.

These photos look great with the child looking to the side rather than facing the camera


Please take your photo from directly above baby, it is best if they are nicely curled up rather than laid flat (it sometimes helps to place baby in a wash basket or similar and pack out with cushions)


Please photograph your pet sitting facing camera if possible.